Beware Of The WINS Demon – The WINS Intervals Are Corrupt In Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, and Server 2012 R2

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8 Responses to “Beware Of The WINS Demon – The WINS Intervals Are Corrupt In Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, and Server 2012 R2”

  • We just had this issue bite us.
    I replaced a 2003 R2 DC with a new 2008 R2 SP1 DC keeping the same IP. I’ve done a number of these and so far only seen the problem once.
    So obviously not fixed in SP1.
    Thanks for the info. I’ll be checking new builds more carefully in future!

  • Thanks for the post John. Nice to know someone benefited.

  • One more who benefited 😉
    Thx for the info!

  • Hello Nick,

    Thanks for your fix! I would like to move my old 2003 WINS to 2008 R2 box and keep the same IP.

    I plan to follow this procedure:

    1. Stop the WINS server on the Windows 2003 Server and on the target Windows Server 2008 computer. To do this, type the following: net stop wins
    2. Copy the Wins.mdb file (in %systemroot%\System32\Wins folder) from the source to the WINS folder on Windows Server 2008 server
    3. Move the old IP to the server (replace the temp IP)
    4. Start WINS on the target Windows Server 2008 server. Type the following: net start wins
    5. Take the source Windows 2003 server offline

    Have you tried this? Any thoughts?

  • Mario,

    I counted on replication from another server to rebuild the database but, depending on compatability, the mdb copy may work between versions. You could also try a backup/restore process to rebuild the database as defined here:

    No matter how you get the records accross, make sure the settings don’t get you which is what I was warning about.

    Let us know if your method works out.


  • Thanks for this! Would’ve missed this entirely until it was too late if I hadn’t randomly come across your post.

  • Hi, I’m decommissioning a WINS server and bringing up another one with a different IP. Does this apply in this scenario?


  • This helped me, thanks

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