About Nick Cottrell

Nick Cottrell is the founder of, Principal Consultant for and President of Pennic Consulting.

Nick has been around computers almost as long as computers have been around.  His first encounter was with computers from the likes of General Electric — yes, they used to make computers.  One of them, Multix, was virtual and offered a personal environment for each user. Ridiculous ideas: that would never work!

Tainted by this experience he deserted his original occupation and authored virtualization (simulation) software for mainframe computers as far back as a time called ‘The Seventies’.  He has been a hardware engineer, project manager, survived actually managing in IT, and remains a software engineer, teacher, and developer.

The majority of his recent experience encompasses Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and Technical Programming authoring tools for major technology migrations.

This blog is a portal for sharing personal technical discoveries, tips, and techniques with other IT Engineers.  Nick maintains a separate Blog site for development issues broadly; Visual Basic and VB Script information specifically.  If you are interested in development issues, you may find them there.