How do I restore a deleted Exchange 2007 user? or A funny thing happened on the way to a reconnect?

This post is the result of an experience one of my clients had.  I hope it helps other Exchange 2007 SP1 users.

Here is the scenario, a loyal administrator somewhere deletes Robert Smith when they meant to delete Roberta Smith.  It could also be that someone was confused by the ‘newspeak’ in the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and did not realize that ‘Remove’ equates to ‘Delete User’ not to ‘Remove Exchange Attributes’ under ‘Exchange Tasks…’ in the 2000/2003 Exchange extended ADUC and deleted the user object by mistake.  The conflicting terminology is another subject I will pass over here.

Your phone rings.  Easy right?  Just put it all back the way it was.  Well, it is a little more complicated than that.  Let’s get started…

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