Exchange 2010 Rollup 26 Fails with 1603 Error

The install ends right after starting. It does not update the ‘ExchangeSetup.log’ file. It only leaves a Windows Installer error in the Application log with the 1603 error:


I reran the install from an admin CMD prompt with the /lxv switch to get  more information on the error:

    Exchange2010-KB4487052-x64-en.msp /lxv c:\Rollup.log

But, it completed instead?   Not sure, but this may have worked just because I ran it as Administrator.   The four other Exchange 2010 servers installed correctly just right clicking on the MSP and selecting ‘Apply‘ but it is best practice when installing MSP files to: Right Click on the MSP while holding down the ‘Shift Key’,  selecting ‘Copy as path’, and pasting the MSP name into an administrative Command Window.   I guess I know that already and looks like that is the solution here.


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