Adventures Installing Exchange 2007 SP2 — Error 5506

When I did the installation on my first CAS server I got the following error during the CAS Role Install:

[ERROR] An unexpected error occurred while the forms-based authentication settings for path /LM/W3SVC/1 were being modified. The error returned was 5506

After a few failed attempts, I solved the problem by removing the certificate binding to 443 in IIS and restarting the install.  When the install was done, I found the original ‘Exchange’ generated certificate bound to 443 rather than the certificate I was using.   I just bound the correct one and everything seemed to work.

It seems the install is trying to bind a different certificate than the one in the meta base.  The HASH doesn’t match causing the error.

Looking deeper, I found I had BOTH the self signed ‘Exchange’ certificate and my current certificate enabled for IMAP and POP.  Since I do not use either IMAP or POP, I had never removed the certificate generated by the original Exchange install.  I believe that caused the confusion.

The lesson, check to see if multiple certificates are enabled for any CAS services and eliminate the unused ones.

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